Traditional Lettings Services

Why choose Mighty House?

  • We know how to achieve the best rents possible for each type of property – different letting strategies should be used depending on location, type and size of property
  • We understand that happy tenants are more likely to be long term tenants – tenants need treating with respect, with good communication and their issues dealt with promptly
  • We have a good reputation and plenty of tenant referrals.
  • When tenants are leaving, we don’t wait for them to leave before we conduct viewings – voids must be kept to a minimum
  • We have considerable experience in extending, converting and upgrading buildings and understand how to maintain a building without wasting money
  • Damp in buildings – when it comes to damp and condensation, we have considerable experience in how to resolve it!
  • We have a good understanding of planning and building regulations and statutory regulations
  • The tradesmen we use have a clear remit on the standards of repair we expect
  • We look to address issues of preventative maintenance – saving future wasted cost
  • We have specifications for kitchens and bathroom replacements which avoid unnecessary expenditure and are to a high standard at sensible costs – many refurbishments include unnecessary expenditure!
  • We report efficiently and effectively to our Landlords
  • We have other great initiatives and processes which we implement to keep costs down and make for happy long term tenants – you will need to speak to us to learn more about these!

If you are a Landlord, you MUST speak to us. We have no doubt you will be impressed with the various techniques which we employ to more effectively manage property. Some of our methods are clever and some common sense but so often missed or not thought about properly by other Letting Agents.

We are Landlords ourselves. We have had bad experiences and are nervous about handing over our properties to Letting Agents to manage for us.

There are no better people to look after your rental properties than experienced, capable, professional landlords themselves. Maximising rental income, minimising voids and keeping wear and tear to a minimum are what we spend our time focusing on!

Firstly, we provide two “let only” options – after all, these are options we wanted when we first started letting property:

Tenant Finder Service. Cost = £150 plus VAT (£180 including VAT)

For those Landlords who want assistance letting but are happy to complete their own paperwork, we offer a reduced fee service which simply involves finding a tenant. This service includes:

  • We recommend and agree a market rent with the Landlord
  • Market the property both locally and on all major internet portals
  • We put up our “To Let” board at the property
  • We handle enquiries and arrange and conduct accompanied viewings*
  • We conduct tenant checks, obtain references and a credit check. The applicants pays us for these checks to be conducted. (The receipt of this application fee is a condition of this Tenant Finder service)
  • You complete the tenancy agreement and inventory and handover the property to the ingoing tenant

*With the Tenant Finder Service, we only conduct viewings if the property is in the LA1 postcode. If your property is outside this area please discuss with us.

(Please note that this service is not available for houses rented to students)

Comprehensive Let Only Service. Cost = £289 plus VAT (£346.80 including VAT)

This service provides the full package so a Landlord has nothing to do prior to taking on the management. It includes all of the Let Only Support services but in addition includes:

  • We conduct all viewings
  • We collect the first month's rent and deposit
  • We complete inventory and tenancy agreements
  • We take meter readings
  • We hand over the property to the tenant and documentation to the landlord

(Please note that this service is not available for houses rented to students)

Full Property Management: Cost = 10% of rent plus VAT (minimum of £39 plus VAT per month) plus £150 plus VAT set up fee. (Inclusive of VAT - 12% of rent with a minimum of £46.80 and £180 set up fee)

Handing over your property to a managing agent is a giant leap of faith! We have never felt comfortable doing that with our own properties. As Landlords of many properties ourselves, we believe we manage our own properties far better than any other agent would. Keeping that income rolling in and our properties well looked after are what we work incredibly hard to try and achieve. We are able to pass on our expertise for the benefit of our Landlords.

Our full management service includes all of the Comprehensive Let Only services but with the addition that we collect rent, arrange for repairs, conduct 4 monthly inspections and deal with all aspects as if we owned the properties ourselves. The only thing the Landlord needs to do is insure the property and authorise expenditure. Rent received, less fees is paid monthly to Landlords by Mighty House.

You would be hard pressed to find any other Letting Agent more capable of managing your property.

Read about our experience and also testimonials from Landlords and Tenants on the About Us page.