Residential Building Surveys

What is a Residential Building Survey?

A residential property survey is a visual inspection of a property undertaken by a building surveyor who understands buildings and building defects.  The impartial professional is able to inspect the property uninterrupted and provide you with a report on its current condition, existing defects, ongoing maintenance, and the risk of unforeseen defects which may be typical of the property type and age.

Why have a property survey done by an expert?

The purchase of a property is likely to be one of the largest financial investments you will make in your life.  Therefore, it stands to reason to spend a tiny percentage of this amount on having a survey undertaken prior to purchase.  It means, at the very least you will go ahead with the purchase with peace of mind and your eyes open.  Alternatively, it may mean, that defects or legal issues are highlighted that can be investigated further prior to purchase.  Either way, you will make an informed decision on whether to make that property your dream home, with no nasty surprises.  Allowing you to enjoy making that house, your home.

Where can I book a building survey?

We have been working with a local company Fisher Wrathall Residential Surveyors for a while now because they prove to be very efficient with the speed of surveys and they are RICS accredited. We recommend these surveyors for all clients who purchase a house from us and the feedback has been brilliant. The reports received are very clear and further advice is always given by the Fisher Wrathall team. If you need a survey fast and are looking for a team with local expertise, these are the people to call!

What are the types of Building Surveys?

Visit the Fisher Wrathall Surveyors website for more information and quote. Also if you are interested in the more in-depth differences between the surveys, check out their handy article that highlights the differences between the three levels!

Please note that the surveys do not include an RICS Property Valuation. However, Fisher Wrathall Surveyors offer that too!